.. About us ..

Short presentation about us and our kennel. The origin of Frittmi's Kennel started in 1981 when the first litter was born by my Papillon Mitzy. The very first time I saw a Bichon frisé was in the middle of the eighties. They cought my attention by their incredible charisma and their happy way of expressing them selves. And when it was time for one of our last papillons to leave my family at the age of 15. The choice was never really an issue; We were gonna have a Bichon Frisé. One of the great things are when we have fun together and activate us with agility. 

We breed in a small account. All our dogs live as family members. It's truly an experience to see a puppy come to life and follow it through all the phases of growing into an adult dog. My goals are to breed sound, happy puppies with good health. At times we can offer puppies for guaranteed good homes Where they’ll in first hand be highly beloved and cared as a family member. We pic homes very carefully. And with the awareness of the grooming of the coat, which is an essential part of having a Bichon. A dog needs a lot of attention and should not be left alone.  

After enjoying more than 14 wonderfull years with bichons. I Can only say so much fun and joyfull time together with them. Can't get enough of it : )

I've served in differnt positions in Swedish Bichon Frisé Club. 

I'm always glad to hear from my puppies during the years. And of course - ready and willing to advise the owners if they should need that. A good pet home are a first priority for me.
Would also like to thank all our wonderful puppie owners during all those years. For careing and loving of our puppies and giving them the best life they can get.


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