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.. Results - Resultat 2006 .. 
Resumé over the year
 December '06 -
10 / Swedish Kenel Club Int - Stockholm
Biggest show this year, Swedish Winner Show.
After a long day wíth very nice results who made it worth to stay all day long. Rickys kids had a very great day all three of them got placed. His daugther our "Bess" Azurs Sister Bear gained 4th placed Best bitch. Second daughter Azurs Care Bear gained BOB and got Swedish Winner title -06!  His son Azurs Winnie The Puh got 3rd place Best male. Final result was the prognesys group. Finaly BIS 2 in the final! Prognensy group was Mimmi's four kids from two sepparate litters. Three was out of Ricky. 
Our "Bess" 4th placed Best bitch.

October '06 - 
9 / SDHK Nat - Sundsvall
Frittmi's Dance With The Wind become 3rd best male 
Frittmi's Heavenly Spell become 2nd best bitch and Frittmi's Strong Passion 2nd class placed with honourprize.

8 / Swedish Kennel Club Int - Sundsvall
Frittmi's Heavenly Spell went BOS and NEW! 


Frittmi's Dance With The Wind 5th best male. Elise and Frittmi's Strong Passion made debut at the greater event with nice 2nd class placing and honourprize.

September '06 -
17 / Puppy Show Täby
It's always fun and interesting to show puppy. Especially if it's theirs first time in the ring. Our sweet little Donny made his debut in the ring with happy attitude and made up to be BOS after Kitty who showed with great attidude and took BOB. After this lovely results we had to go back home and go on with the painting of houses.

9 / Puppy Show Stockholm
Our little Kitty went BOB.

03 / Club Show Uppsala
Frittmi's Strong Passion - BIG 3rd placed

Congratulations Elise!


Frittmi's Lady Power Of Love 

BOB Puppy and BIS 5th place 


August '06 -
27 / SDHK Nat Östnora

Nice day with profitable results. Frittmi's Dance With The Wind become 3rd best male and Frittmi's Heavenly Spell become 3rd best bitch and took the CC.

20 / Norrköping Int
Frittmi's Heavenly Spell   4th best bitch.
13 / Askersund Nat
Debut in the ring this year and Frittmi's Heavenly Spell  took the 2nd best bitch with CC.

July '06 -
Swedish Kennel Club Int - Högbo
After a wonderful weekend up in mid-north part of Sweden, we returned back home with very nice results in our bagage.
16 / "Sammi" Frittmi's Strong Temptation become 2nd best male and took the CC & R-Cacib. And "Rosie" Frittmi's Power of Poetry become 4th best bitch and took the  CC = NEW   CHAMPION!  
15 / "Sammi" Frittmi's Strong Temptation become 2nd best male and took the CC & Cacib and "Rosie" Frittmi's Power of Poetry become 4th best bitch.
14 / "Rosie" Frittmi's Power of Poetry become 4th best bitch
8 / Alfta Nat.
Frittmi's Power of Poetry



June '06 -
18 / Avesta Int.
Our little "Bess" Azurs Sister Bear became BOB puppy.
And  "Sammi" Frittmi's Strong Temptation 3rd best male took the R-Cacib. Our lady "Rosie" Frittmi's Power of Poetry 3rd best bitch. "Lui" Frittmi's Steal The Sky 1 price with  honourprize.
10 / Swedish Bichon Frisé Club - Knivsta
Swedish Bichon Frisé Club Speciallity in Knivsta. First placed in puppy bitch class our little "Bess" Azurs Sister Bear then she took BOS. She was beaten by hers litter brother "Winnie". Our youngster "Lui" Frittmi's Steal The Sky been seccoond placed in his class with honourprize. 
5 / Estonian Kennelclub - Tallinn Int.
Very happy day!  We where overjoyed.
Frittmi's Poetry  became 
INT Champion  &  Estonian Champion!
Frittmi's Strong Temptation got Excellent and class placed.

April '06 -
Swedish Kennel Club Nat. - "Sammi" Frittmi's Strong Temptation Best male placed.
Swedish Kennel Club Int.
Frittmi's Strong Temptation Best male placed

March '06 -
Azurs Sister Bear was BOB pyppy
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