- Leeward's Driving Her Crazy -



BOB Placements and several best male placements with CC's & R-CACIB's. Also BOB at puppy shows

Avkommor / Offsprings
SE Ch - Frittmi's Lady Power Of Love
SE Ch -  Frittmi's Love Potion
SE Ch -  Frittmi's Christmas Clazzy Jewel
SE Ch - Frittmi's Strong Temptation
SE Ch -  Frittmi's Strong Magic Passion
C.I.B Ch, SE Ch, FI Ch, NO Ch, EU W-06, PL & PZ W-06  -  Leeward's Arctic Folly
C.I.B Ch, SE Ch, FI Ch, DK Ch, Nord W-07 -  Azurs Winnie The Puh
SE Ch, DK Ch, C.I.B Ch, SE W-06, Nord W-07, Crufts W-08 -  Azurs Care Bear
US Ch -  Leeward's Romany Rose
CC/Cert - Azurs  Sister Bear
CC/Cert -Leeward's Ringside Rose